Craft your way to zero waste living

Eco-friendly projects and lifestyle tips for a greener planet

Get crafty, not trashy, with this free zero waste sewing pattern. 

Make this mini-pouch today!

Create Your Own Low Waste Life

Just because your trash doesn’t fit into the palm of your hand doesn’t mean you can’t live a sustainable life.  

You want to fight climate change, plastic pollution, and the BILLIONS of pounds of trash that get made every.single.year.

And wherever you’re at on your low waste journey, you can help preserve our natural resources & fight plastic pollution.

From total beginner to completely trash-free, you can take steps TODAY to cut waste, greenify your home & life, & have a bigger impact on this planet.  

Let me help you…

  • Make your own reusable bags for zero waste grocery shopping 
  • Fight textile waste with creative upcycling projects
  • Become a wax wrapping ninja and ditch plastic wrap forever
  • Impress your friends & family with your amazing eco-friendly & sustainable DIY gifts
  • Learn how to have the biggest bang for your buck in cutting your carbon footprint
  • Or find the perfect made-for-you sustainable bags that you can feel good about buying 

Step up your eco-friendly practices today with No Trace. Think beyond the jar.

What can I help you with today?

Learn to make your own bags, wraps & goodies for low waste living.

Find in-depth workshops & dozens of free tutorials.

Shop sustainably made bags & wraps to cut your waste.

Made by hand in Santa Cruz, CA. Washable, reusable, fully compostable.


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