No Trace:  Zero Waste Products for everyday living

Our Story

No Trace was founded to provide zero waste options for everyday living.  Founder Liz McDade was inspired by Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home and Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers who cut their waste down to less than a jar in a year.

After hearing her story, Liz realized that one of the largest sources of waste in her home was food packaging.  Liz searched around for products to help her reduce her food packaging waste and found that her local stores did not offer many options, and bags that were available often had plastic liners or polyester thread or were made in China.  

As a results, No Trace was started in 2016 to offer 100% natural fiber bags handmade in California with the goal of zero waste manufacturing for zero waste living.  No Trace is currently offering a line of products to help you reduce your food packaging waste including bulk bags, snack bags, and snack wraps.  We also feature other Zero Waste resources on our Resources page to help you learn more.  

We are also currently producing snacks made with zero waste and packaged in re-usable mason jars that are sold in Santa Cruz County, California, only.  We hope to expand these sales to other communities in the future.


About the Production of No Trace products
Achieving zero waste in the manufacturing process means that the raw materials we select have minimal packaging waste.  

FABRIC:  Our fabric is purchased from organic fabric retailers in cardboard, which we recycle.  

THREAD:  We currently use two types of threads in the production of  our bags.  Our 100% cotton threads from Thread Art come with plastic wrap, which we recycle, and a plastic base, which is upcycled to hold handmade twine.  We also use 100% cotton threads purchased at a local retailer manufactured by Coats and Clark that comes with no plastic wrap and with a cardboard base, which we recycle.  Unfortunately these threads also come with a non-recycleable sticker.  We are saving our stickers for a TBD future project.  If you have good ideas for reusing stickers, email us!!

MANUFACTURING WASTE:   During the sewing process, scraps of fabric and thread are generated.  All scraps are saved to become either twine, something woven, or made into paper.  


No Trace Bags 

All No Trace bags are made with 100% natural fibers including cotton and linen.  These bags can be fully composted when they’ve reached the end of their life span by simply adding them to your compost pile, bin, or worm bin.  Cutting the bags into smaller pieces will speed up the process.

No Trace bags are machine washable, but we recommend line drying the bags the extend their lifespan (and reduce your energy consumption!).  Certain fabrics, such as linen and cotton voile, will last longer if you hang them to dry given the lightweight nature of the material.  This also saves on energy, and they will dry fairly quickly in a sunny spot.

 Thank you for your interest in No Trace! We look forward to helping you in your journey to reduce your waste.  We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.  You can contact us on the Contact page.

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