Take your crafty skills to the next (eco-friendly) level

Looking for in-person classes?

DIY wax wraps workshop

Learn how to make professional quality beeswax & vegan wax wraps that are good enough to sell! Impress your loved ones with your handmade wraps. The workshop includes step-by-step video instructions AND clear handouts with precise recipes for making perfect wraps.
Ditch plastic wrap with your own homemade, high quality wraps!

Sew Your Way to a
Zero Waste Kitchen!

A zero waste kitchen is within your reach!  

This step-by-step workshop has all the detailed video instructions that you’ll need, plus PDF sewing patterns to create a zero waste kitchen.

This is so much more than a YouTube video!

All the info you need to get started today is RIGHT HERE.

Learn to sew drawstring bags, zippered food bags, napkins, tea towels, cleaning cloths, snack bags & more!


Gain all the tips you need to shop without waste & plan your meals.

The Bento Bag workshop

Learn to make an origami style bag.  Also known as a bento bag, this versatile bag is perfect for toting your lunch, or holding your produce, or organizing your knitting project.

You’ll learn 3 variations of the bag to make it just to your liking.  

You’ll impress your loved ones & your friends with your sewing skills after this workshop.

This workshop is perfect for beginner sewing skills!

The Fiddlehead Bag Workshop

Learn to make your own fiddlehead bag – without any waste!

This workshop walks you through 3 versions of the fiddlehead bag. 

Chose from small, medium & large sizes, with & without pockets, with ties or snaps.

Perfect for lunch bags, project bags, travel, toiletries & more!


This workshop is designed for the beginner sewist & up!

PDF sewing patterns

Find your next DIY project.  Choose your bag design & get making – without any waste!

These PDF sewing patterns come with clear photos & step-by-step instructions.

Chose from small totes, big totes, lunch bags & more!

Any questions? Email me at contactus ‘at’!

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