DIY zero waste makeup remover pads

How to make zero waste makeup remove pads

It’s so easy!

Would you like to green up your beauty routine?  Why not swap disposable cotton rounds for reusable, DIY makeup remover rounds?  Reusable makeup remover pads are a super easy way to cut waste in the bathroom.  These little reusable fabric squares can be tossed in with your regular laundry and used again and again (and again!).  As long as you use an all-natural fabric & thread, you can even compost it when it’s all worn out at the very end of its usable life!  


These reusable pads are perfect for:

    • Removing make-up
    • Putting on toner
    • Putting on face cream
    • Using an astringent
    • Taking off a facial mask
    • Anything else you might use a cotton round for!

I personally love to pair these rounds with a little coconut or jojoba oil to take off any makeup.  And my face feels soft & hydrated afterwards!

So why not switch to a zero waste beauty routine with these zero waste makeup removers!  


Here’s what you need to make your diy zero waste makeup remover pads.

    • Scraps of fabric in small sizes – 3” by 3” up to 4” by 4” is perfect, but you can definitely make larger ones too.
    • If you have organic cotton or other cotton/all-natural batting, squares of batting are a nice way to add some absorbancy to your pads.  Or a bit of flannel or fleece would work too.  
    • Thread
    • Scissors, machine, pins, iron, pencil or chopstick


Here are the 3 simple steps for your DIY zero waste makeup remover pads.


Step 1: stitch 3 sides

    • Pin your squares of fabric together with the right sides facing.  If you’re using any batting, add that to the outside of the fabric.  That way it’ll end up on the inside of your pad at the end.
    • Stitch around 3 sides, leaving one side open.
    • If you want, trim the excess fabric at the corners to have a little less bulk there.  This is totally optional.  If you use a natural fabric and do decide to cut the corners, you can compost the bits. Or, add them to a bag of teeny tiny fabric scraps that you can use in the future for a floor pillow.  You can also send your fabric scraps off to get turned into art yarn (how cool is that??).  I skip this step for my scrubbies and just leave the corners intact.

Step 2: turn right side out & pin

    • Turn your squares right side out and use a pencil or chopstick to push the corners out all the way.
    • Fold in the fabric at the opening about ¼ inch and then press it closed with the iron. 
    • Put a pin in the opening to keep the folds in line.

Step 3: stitch all 4 sides & finish up! 

    • With about a ⅛ inch seam allowance, stitch along all 4 sides.  When you get back to the spot where you started, do a backstitch to lock in the stitches.
    • Cut off any loose threads.
    • You’re done!

You’ll probably want to make a bunch of these little cuties.  It’s the perfect way to use up scraps of fabric or to upcycle an old textile, like a t-shirt, into something useful.  


If you want to sew up a little drawstring bag to keep your scrubbies organized, I’ve got a video on a DIY drawstring bag here.  Or if you’re giving these as a gift, a little bag is a great way to keep them organized.


Let me know if you make some reusable makeup remover pads!  I’d love to see your creation.  


Thanks for reading!


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