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Online workshop: Make your own beeswax wraps

This online wax wrap workshop will teach you all you need to know to make wax wraps that really stick.  Make beeswax kitchen wraps for your own home, or to give as gifts. The workshop includes step-by-step video instructions AND clear handouts. Ditch plastic wrap with your own homemade, high quality wraps!

What’s in the workshop?

This course will walk you easily through all the steps you need to make your own wax wraps that really stick. You’ll get step-by-step videos AND accompanying handouts including a complete supply list and wax wrap recipe, troubleshooting tips, and more!

You get lifetime access to the workshop.

What supplies are needed?   

You’ll need to provide a small pot, baking sheet, and heat source.  You can purchase a kit from No Trace that includes a beeswax blend bar, organic cotton fabric, and a paintbrush.  You can also provide those materials yourself.  A complete supply list is included with the course, and a recipe sheet for the blend bar.

How much does it cost?

The workshop is $39 for lifetime access to all videos & handouts.  If you’d like a kit mailed to you, you can purchase the workshop and kit for $49 (retail value of $59).  The kit makes at least 4 large wax wraps.  If you’d like two kits to make 8 large wax wraps, it’s $59.

How do I sign up?

The course is hosted by Teachable, so click the link to head over to No Trace’s school on Teachable.

Click here to go to the No Trace Teachable school

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