Vegan wax wrap 2 pack – bike & octopus print


2 pack of organic cotton vegan wax wraps.  Starter pack.  1 in bicycle print, 1 in octopus print.  These stick really well!

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Organic cotton vegan wax wrap – 2 pack – starter pack. Reusable kitchen wraps. Bike & Octopus print. Zero waste living. Sandwich wrap.

Wrap your foods in these super cute prints and feel good that they’re reusable, washable, organic, & compostable. Made with certified organic cotton fabric.

Ditch plastics & disposables for all natural alternatives!

This listing is for TWO VEGAN WAX KITCHEN WRAPS:
BOTH 12 X 12 inches

Made with 100% organic cotton.

This is a TWO pack of vegan wax kitchen wraps. You’ll receive a 2 pack of THE FABRICS SHOWN.

100% organic cotton fabric coated in candelilla wax, pine gum rosin (sap), organic coconut oil, and organic jojoba oil.

Organic cotton is a more eco-friendly fabric than conventional cotton – uses much less water, protects farm workers from toxins, and protects soils, waterways, and wildlife! And no toxic off-gassing in your home!

Cover and wrap up:
-fresh produce.

Fits over a sliced cantaloupe, most bowls, sandwiches, fresh herbs, half a watermelon, carrot sticks, and more!

To Wash:
-Handwash in cold water with gentle soap, do not soak, hang dry.

With use, your wrap will get wrinkles – that’s OKAY! It still works with wrinkles. If they bother you, pop it in the oven on a sheet pan at 200F for a few minutes. This WILL leave a wax residue on your pan though. You might want to use a piece of tinfoil to protect your pan.

These wraps last about a year with proper care.

Keep it out of the direct sun!

***Eliminate plastic wrap from your kitchen.***

Made with compostable/biodegradable materials. Handmade with zero waste in Santa Cruz, CA.

Weight .11 oz
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 3 in



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