DIY beeswax wrap kit

DIY beeswax wrap kit


DIY beeswax wrap kit. Zero waste beeswax wrap set. Rewaxing & reviver bar for beeswax wraps.

DIY beeswax wrap kit. Zero waste beeswax wrap set. Rewaxing reviver bar for beeswax wraps. Makes 4 large wraps. Beeswax block.

Make your own high quality beeswax wraps! This is the same blend used in No Trace wax wraps, which are sold in retail stores across the US. One bar is approximately 2 oz and makes approximately 4 large wraps (12″ x 12″) or 12 smaller wraps (6″ x 7″).

Ditch plastics and disposables and switch to renewable, compostable alternatives!

Kit includes:

  • 1 2 oz. bar of beeswax wrap blend
  • 4 pieces of 12″ x 12″ certified organic cotton fabric
  • 1 natural bristle, plastic-free brush
  • Full instructions for making wax wraps

Wax bar ingredients:

  • Bay area beeswax
  • sustainably sourced pine gum rosin
  • organic coconut oil
  • organic jojoba oil

You provide:

  • Iron, grater, parchment paper OR
  • Small pot, oven, baking sheet & parchment paper (for better results, use this approach)

How to use your kit:

  • The bars come with clear and thorough instructions for safely making wax wraps at home using two different approaches.
  • One way method uses an iron, and requires an iron, grater, and baking paper.
  • The second method uses your oven, and requires an oven-safe bowl or pot, a baking sheet, and a brush.
  • Both ways are easy with clear steps spelled out in your instructions (emailed to you after your purchase).

If you’d like lifetime access to my online workshop full of videos & more handouts, order the workshop with the bar or the full kit.

Ships 100% plastic-free, just like every product at No Trace.

Want a full online workshop to accompany your wrap making? Add my workshop to your cart.

Note that these bars are made with all-natural materials and may have small flecks of natural material from the wax and the rosin. They are perfectly fine in your wraps!


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