Organic cotton drawstring bag – bikes


Organic cotton drawstring bag – bikes. Zero waste produce bag, bulk bag, shopping bag. Reusable washable veggie bag. Bike bag.

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Organic cotton zero waste produce bag, bulk bag, shopping bag. Reusable washable veggie bag. Bike bag. Drawstring bag. Project bag. Handmade

Go for green and cut out plastic from your home with this super cute bike print drawstring bag.

Shop for your veggies and bulk goods in eco-style with this handmade, washable, 100% organic cotton veggie bag.

Great for shopping with and also for storing your veggies in the fridge. Using washable, biodegradable bags is one simple step towards a plastic-free and zero waste home. No synthetic microplastics will pollute our water when you wash this bag!

-Fits your greens, lettuce, fruits, other veggies, and any bulk goods.
-Made with 100% natural materials and can be used over and over again.
-When their life has run its course and you can’t squeeze any more use from it because of wear, you can simply shred it and add it to your compost pile (or, contact me if you don’t have access to compost!). Or, recycle if you have access to fabric recycling.

-Approximately 12 x 14 inches
-Drawstring closure.

Large size – easily fits a large bunch of greens, large head of lettuce, and more.

Note that computer screens can impact the colors that you see. This bag is a darker teal blue color.

Made with:

-100% certified organic cotton fabric.

-100% certified organic cotton thread.

-100% certified organic cotton tag.

-100% certified organic cotton loop tag.

-100% love in Santa Cruz, CA

Care instructions:

-Machine wash, like colors, cool water.

-Line dry (for the planet) or low heat dry.

End of life:
Fully compostable at home at the end of its usable life (if you don’t have textile recycling).


Weight .11 oz
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 3 in



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