September Dye Bath

September Dye Bath


September dye bath at the No Trace sewing studio, Saturday, 9/16, 10am-12pm

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Community Dye Bath

Saturday, 9/16, 10am-12pm

at the No Trace sewing studio, Capitola

421 McCormick Ave.

All ages!

Bring clothes or home textiles that need a refresh!  Keep your old clothes out of the landfill with a new splash of color!

What’s a community dye bath?

It’s like a tie-dye party but the goal isn’t to buy a bunch of white clothes to dye in rainbow colors.  The goal of a community dye bath is to rejuvenate your stained clothes or home goods with a new splash of color.  

I’ll walk you through the steps & help you resuscitate that stained shirt into something worth wearing again!

Bring an item of clothing that’s stained & dye it a darker blue to get it back in your wardrobe rotation! Natural fiber fabrics or those that are less than 35% polyester will work best.  Cover those old stains with a new shade of blue and start wearing your favorite item of clothing again.  Let’s fight textile waste together!

Minimum class size is 4 for this event.  If less than 4 attendees sign up, class will be cancelled & you’ll receive a full refund.

What to bring:

-your old clothes or textiles made of all natural fibers and light in color

-a bucket or plastic bag to take your item home

-rubber gloves if you have them.  If not, we have some for sharing.

What happens at the dye bath:

-I’ll show you a few simple tying techniques.

-I’ll show you the process of simple fabric dyeing.

-You’ll dye your clothes and let them sit for as long as you like in the dye bath.



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