Online Fiddlehead bag workshop

Online Fiddlehead bag workshop


Learn to make multiple versions of the Fiddlehead Bag! Beginner friendly!

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This step-by-step workshop has all the detailed video instructions that you’ll need, plus a PDF sewing pattern to create a fiddlehead bag you can be proud of with zero waste.

It’s so much more than a YouTube video or blog post that leaves you needing more.

And you can get started on your first bag today!

As soon as you purchase the course, you’ll receive a link to access all of the videos and handouts.

You also get general sewing skills training and inspiration… PLUS an introduction to zero waste sewing design.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Customize your fiddlehead bag into different sizes
  • Create depth without chopping of corners of your bags
  • Make bags with and without a pocket

Each version of these bags is designed to sew up fairly quickly, and the small fiddlehead bag sews up real fast.

And if you’re looking for a zero waste project, look no further… here’s a sewing project that doesn’t leave you with scraps of fabric at the end!

All you need to get started on your first Fiddlehead Bag is strip of yard of fabric and some thread… your sewing machine and iron will come in handy too. You can also use snaps on the medium bag, or not!

This workshop is designed for makers & wanna be makers who care about the earth.




Check out what students from my other tutorials are saying:

“I made the tote bag! Oh my gosh it’s perfect! I have Autism & my fine motor skills aren’t great but your directions are stella[r]! I’m so proud of myself! I want to make them all now! Thank you so so much !!!!!!

– Wolf Star


“This was a great tutorial! The easiest one I’ve seen yet. I just finished my first pouch using this tutorial & it turned out really cute. I can’t wait to make more to give as gifts. I didn’t know cotton was compostable and we have a compost! So that was really cool to learn. Thank you!”

– Lindsay W.


“Great, easy to follow tutorial. Thank you.”

– Donna Cross



“Thanks for the tip about getting rid of the slack in the threads. I watched a ton of videos and I couldn’t figure out what I was missing.”

– tensjunkie1


“I love your tutorials. You’ve helped me so much. I made the lined zipper pouch and boy I love it, and it was soooo easy! Thank you!”

– Freedom&Faith LifeStyle


“I just made my first scrunchie! Yay! Thank you for the clear instructions. I sewed it by hand. Next step: learning how to use a sewing machine.”

– Kusum Wagle


“Your instructions are so clear! I didn’t think I wanted to do this project and now after watching the video, I do!”

– Holly Whiteside


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