Online sew your way to a zero waste kitchen workshop

Online sew your way to a zero waste kitchen workshop


Learn to sew your way to a low waste kitchen! Beginner friendly!

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This step-by-step workshop has all the detailed video instructions that you’ll need, plus PDF sewing patterns to create a zero waste kitchen.

This is so much more than a YouTube video!

All the info you need to get started today is RIGHT HERE.


  1. How long will this take?

Each of these projects sew up FAST! They’re designed to be made in under an hour, even if you’re a total beginner!

2. What kind of skills do you need?

Have you ever used a sewing machine before? Then you’re ready!

3. Where will I find all the materials I need?

Check your own stash! Upcycled fabrics work GREAT! And I have all the resources you’ll need listed in the course materials.

Craft the low waste kitchen of your dreams.

Learn to sew simple drawstring bags for all your fruits, veggies, & bulk goods.

Learn to make zippered food bags for fine grained foods like flour & rice.

Ditch plastic baggies & make your own reusable, washable, compostable snack & sandwich bags & wraps.

Swap paper towels for upcycled cleaning cloths & rags.

Make custom cloth napkins for your whole family.


Project #1: Drawstring bags

Stop shopping with plastic bags & bring your own reusable bags instead.

Project #2: Zipper food bags

Perfect for fine grain foods like flour & rice.

Project #3: Napkins

No more wasted paper napkins. Make your own reusable, washable, compostable napkins instead!

Project #4: Snack & Sandwich bags

Ditch plastic bags for reusable, washable, compostable versions! Perfect for lunches & picnics.

Project #5: Tea Towels

Make your own custom, absorbent tea towels & toss paper towels for good!

Project #6: Unpaper towels

Perfect for spills & for cleaning dishes. Learn how to upcycle old clothes into unpaper towels!

Sew Your Way comes with these BONUSES!

-Learn to make custom napkin rings for each member of your family!

-Learn to make your own hot pads/pot holders!

-Get tips to start grocery shopping – zero waste-style.

-Get multiple zero waste & plant-based meal plans for the whole family!

Check out what students from my other tutorials are saying:

“I made the tote bag! Oh my gosh it’s perfect! I have Autism & my fine motor skills aren’t great but your directions are stella[r]! I’m so proud of myself! I want to make them all now! Thank you so so much !!!!!!

– Wolf Star


“This was a great tutorial! The easiest one I’ve seen yet. I just finished my first pouch using this tutorial & it turned out really cute. I can’t wait to make more to give as gifts. I didn’t know cotton was compostable and we have a compost! So that was really cool to learn. Thank you!”

– Lindsay W.


“Great, easy to follow tutorial. Thank you.”

– Donna Cross



“Thanks for the tip about getting rid of the slack in the threads. I watched a ton of videos and I couldn’t figure out what I was missing.”

– tensjunkie1


“I love your tutorials. You’ve helped me so much. I made the lined zipper pouch and boy I love it, and it was soooo easy! Thank you!”

– Freedom&Faith LifeStyle


“I just made my first scrunchie! Yay! Thank you for the clear instructions. I sewed it by hand. Next step: learning how to use a sewing machine.”

– Kusum Wagle


“Your instructions are so clear! I didn’t think I wanted to do this project and now after watching the video, I do!”

– Holly Whiteside


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