PDF sewing pattern – 7 patterns in 1!

PDF sewing pattern – 7 patterns in 1!


PDF sewing pattern bundle – 7 projects in 1! Download & get making!

PDF sewing pattern. 7 patterns in 1: Utensil pouch. Cup cozy. Cord keeper. Snap pouch. Lunch bag/project bag. Origami tote bag. Fanny pack/hip bag. Knot bag/wristlet. Rainbow zipper bag.

Zero waste PDF sewing patterns. Bundle of 7. Fanny pack, hip bag, lunch bag, project bag, rainbow pouch, snap pouch, knot bag, cup holder

**This is a bundle of 7 different PDF downloadable sewing pattern **

**Designed for BEGINNERS with lots of photos and step-by-step instructions**

**Designed with zero waste – sew green!**

This bundle includes 7 patterns:

1. Rainbow zipper pouch

2. A utensil pouch / cutlery bag. Customizable to your cutlery!

3. Cord keeper / ear phone holder. Keep your ear phones safe and stop untangling your ear phones :).

4. Cup cozy / can holder / coozie. Fits 12oz can or cup.

5. Lunch/project bag

6. Small snap pouch

7. Origami/bento style bag

8. Knot bag

9. Fanny pack/hip bag

**Note about using the pattern for selling: This pattern is for the home sewer. If you choose to make and sell the bags, please attribute the pattern to me. This pattern is not to be used for mass manufacturing of the bag – handmade by you only.**

**No part of this pattern can be copied or resold**


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