Zero Waste Shopping: food bags and wraps for zero waste living

Handmade in Santa Cruz, CA with zero waste

No Trace is your online source for zero waste shopping.  Check out our offerings to help eliminate disposables from your life.


Lunch, Tote, and Fanny Bags

Washable, reusable, plastic-free lunch bags, market totes, and fanny packs

Tote your lunch and groceries in eco-style with all natural, washable, biodegradable totes.  Ditch plastic-lined lunch bags in favor of all natural, reusable, and washable bags made with 100% cotton. 


Beeswax & Vegan Wax Wraps

All Natural Alternative to Plastic Wrap

Beeswax wraps are an all natural alternative to plastic wrap. Use them anywhere you would use plastic wrap or tinfoil. They are great for wrapping burritos, covering bowls, covering cantalopes, wrapping an avocado, and more. Read my blog post on beeswax wraps here.


Veggie & Bulk Bags

Plastic free, 100% natural and biodegradable

Bring your own shopping bags – for your veggies and bulk items!  Eliminating plastic bags from your shopping trips is a simple way to reduce waste in your life.  Check out our full selection of options!


Sandwich & Snack Bags

A Sustainable Alternative to plastics

Pack your lunch in eco-style with No Trace reusable, washable sandwich and snack bags. Made with 100% organic cotton fabric. Easy to use and reuse. Sustainable replacement for ziplock baggies.  Available in several fabrics.  Check them out!



Napkins, Tea Towels, & Hankies

Ditch disposables, switch to reusables!

Wipe your fingers in sustainable elegance.  No Trace has several napkin and tea towel options that are all 100% biodegradable.  Browse our table napkins and travel napkins to serve all your napkin needs.  Say adios to disposable napkins. 100% cotton, handmade in several patterns and hand-cut stamps.



digital products & Cards

Zero waste sewing patterns and Greeting Cards

Eco-friendly sewing patterns here!  Looking for a handmade gift card or set of cards?  Look no further!  Each card is hand-stamped in an all-natural, biodegradable paint.  Appropriate for any occasion.  Featuring fruits and veggies grown in Santa Cruz, CA.


zero waste kits & care packages

go for zero waste with style

Get started on your journey towards zero waste with a set of bags and wraps.  No Trace has a number of options that are 100% organic cotton and biodegradable.  Browse our selection and get take the first step towards zero waste.